The Legend Of Herobrine

I guess it all started when I was practicing my bow skills. I was aiming at the red and white target when my friend, Steve decided it would be extremely  funny to sneak up behind me and scare the living day light out of me… he put on his zombie skin and made a sound that sounded exactly the same as a zombie, a deep moan I jumped my arrow missed by at least 20 blocks. I turned round and Steve was laughing his head off… “ha ha very funny” I said.
“Yes it was” .. he laughed.
”  I was so close that time”. I snapped,
“and”? he asked
“It was my only arrow!” I replied.

“Ohhhhh..” he said sarcastically.

He drew something with a stick that for some reason that I’ll never know he treasured among all of his possession’s,  in the ground which looked like this :D,

“Really”? I said, I’m going to get my arrow, are you coming?
“Yes of course I am sire.” he said sarcastically.

fast forward about hour later. I saw the arrow in a dark cave the darkness meaning we hadn’t  explored it yet, it looked like some stone had some fragments of gold in.

“Steve!” I half whispered, half shouted.

“Yes?” he replied.

“I found it..”

“Awesome”. he shouted.

“Shut up” I snapped.

“Why? ” he asked. 

“it’s in a cave,but I found some gold very close to the arrow,  you got a iron pick?”
“yes… are you out of your mind?! There could be a zombie or a skeleton or worse… a creeper”

“if I die in there it’s on you” I replied.
“don’t  say that”. he snapped.
“mad?” I asked, now give me the pick.
after taking a deep breath he said “okay… jeez your crazy.”
“I know.” I said calmly. “here I go.”
Quietly I picked up the arrow quietly and slowly and quietly  mined the gold ore I was just leaving when I heard a rattle of bones… @#&%! I thought, then I yelled “RUN!” I  shouldn’t have wasted the time on saying run i thought, then felt a arrow hit me in the arm, for about 2 seconds I felt nothing, and then of course it started to hurt like hell.

I heard Steve say ” crap… that cant be good”

RUN! I repeated. fast forward 15 minutes later. I tried to take a short rest, the log I choose snapped I fell about 5 blocks hit my head against a stone block  the last thing I saw before the world went black was Steve.

when I came to see the world again the first thing and the only thing I thought about was the pain in my arm in. I saw Steve and he walked up to me and said “this is gonna hurt”

Oh dear I thought Then he yanked the cubic arrow out I yelled in pain as blood started dripping on the floor. and then, I asked him why he couldn’t have done it while I was out.

his reply  was I was brewing an instant health.

And to that I said  “this is your fault.”

Ye whateves he replied, drink this, it’ll help a lot he handed me an instant health.

Thanks I said quietly.


Description of the Minecraft world:

Every thing is cubic, we have built a house in a jungle the cave we enter has very green grass around it with tree 100 times our height to the south theres more jungle as far as the eye can see, to the north theres A grasslands covered in snow as well as a snowy taiga biome to the west there a forest of birch and oak the leaves are as green as possible, to the east there’s a grassland with cows, pig, chicken and sheep. our house is built out of oak wood, planks and logs with a massive glass window on the top floor, the first and second floor are four blocks high the third is 6 blocks high with the epic glass window. if you go east enough after crossing the grasslands I just mentioned and a forest you will come to an ocean filled with squid if you go east for another hundred block or so and then start going south you’ll find your self near a tiny island with a docking area it we  and a bunker don’t remember why we built it we haven’t used the bunker since we built  it so….. yeah who knows maybe we will use it some day? if you go keep going north past the ice plains you will find your self in a ocean of ice after 2000 blocks or so it starts to melt.. now if you keep going west you will find yourself in the remains of a forest and you will see a broken space ship if the space ship was still in one piece  it could hold 10,000 or 15,000 people at one time the story of how the wreckage got it here is a long one………….

now you might understand what I see a bit better. okay?

day 1 over………………………………………………………………


When I woke up I saw Steve pack two picks, then two swords then a furnace, then a crafting table, in a backpack! I got up and I asked him what the hell he was doing and replied with,

“I’m going to the the cave.” Then he asked “you coming?”

“Are you crazy?!” I replied

“yes” he replied calmly

“I am going are you coming or not?” he asked again a little annoyed this time

“yes but on one condition.”

“what’s that?”

“if I die it’s on you” I replied


“what tools you got then Steve?”

“two iron picks,two diamond swords,
two bows,two stacks of arrows,two crafting tables,two furnaces, two iron chest- plates and two chain leggings”.
“that’ll pass okay now let’s go”. I said
“and two stacks of torches.”
“Now lets go to the village”…

two hours later we arrived at the
village.  The village had long been abandoned, but we had built walls and a gate around it due to the fact of it having farms and shelter and also a friend of ours had lived here before the zombies got him.. ;(. the village looked like any deserted place some walls of the houses had collapsed the priest tower had be overrun by zombies to many to fight, so we had to blew it up. another house had collapsed on some zombies other houses had been burned to crisp, there were only two houses remaining that were liveable our dead friends one and our one. so ye that’s how it looked.  ok stock up on food were gonna be down there for quite a while whispered Steve. after about two hours of stocking up on vegs and fruit i went to my bed and crashed out nearly instantly.


the next day around 6:00 am Steve woke me up.
and shouted in my ear “TIME TO GO!!”
“was that necessary?!”
“but this is”…
he poured a ice cold bucket of water over me.
“You did not just do that…” I said very very angrily.
“oh yes” I did laughed Steve

what felt like 100 years later we arrived at the cave.

“did you bring a clock?” I asked
“This is gonna be so fun…” I whispered.
“Yes it is isn’t?”
“let just get it over with” I snapped
“you scared?”
“yes” I replied.
“zombie dead ahead.” I said
“ha ha ha” Steve did his fake laugh
“what?” I asked
dead ahead”
“let’s just kill him… again…”
“you distract. I sneak up behind and put a sword through his brain” he said
wow, of course I’m bait I thought I’m alway’s bait
I ran up behind the zombie and tapped him on the shoulder.
he groaned and turned. I ran and slipped on brains? Was that brains? the zombie was inches away from my face, then like a hero Steve let sword slip through the zombies brainz   I rolled left to avoid being stabbed, a smacked my head on some stone. less awesome then I imagined.
“go go go” Steve said
“I see iron” I replied
“here’s your pick, your sword, your bow, your arrows and the rest of it.”


no problemo replied Steve

time? I asked
10:21 pm he replied
oh god…
what?” I asked
“dam.. we’re dead”
I drew back my bow out a arrow and……… missed!
I tried again and missed!
this time the witch turned her ugly fcae with that rectangular nose, and that square wart on the bottom of it.  she saw us and drew ,speed? I think a speed potion but Steve put a arrow through her head.

he turned round and gave me that look that said I thought you’d been practicing.

“really? he said”
to change the the subject I shouted “gold!”
“where?” he asked?
“near lava…” I replied
“Steve…” I said
“what?” he asked
“don’t move”
“there’s a spider behind you”

as I said that it tilted it’s head and gave that spider hiss for some reason that noise really really annoyed me.
I drew my sword
“small or big?” he asked calmly
“small.” I replied
“there poisonous.” he whispered
“I know I said calmly”
I charged
it opened its mouth but, The spider was to slow I put the sword in the cave spiders mouth. I was thinking yes!
but then it started slipping down the sword with its mouth open the dead spider  amazingly put his/hers fang in to me while it was dead.

thinking back I probably should have asked Steve for milk but hey ho.

Day 2 and 3 over……………………………………………………………



as I woke up I saw Steve getting ready to move on, have a nice sleep? Steve asked

“no” I replied

I had totally forgot about the spider bite until I tried to stand up and fell face first into a rock

what the? are you ok? Steve asked

ready? he asked
lets go then!
10:04 am
fast forward about two hours later after finding 107 iron ore and 453
pieces of coal we struck… 😀 diamonds! 7 total but, they were of course next to lava D:,

“dam it”
Steve said “To dangerous”
no. I replied
watch I started making a bridge of cobble started mining them and saw there was a hole. cave! I shouted
great! oh god I thought as I saw a creeper’s leg I mined as quietly as I could wanting those diamonds so bad. last one I thought then I heard the hiss. I’m dead I thought
The blast sent me flying through the air, my first thought was I’m flying, then my head hit the cobble and of course I fell into a short sleep… when I woke up I was slipping off the bridge, crap I thought, then I saw A skeleton
come out of the cave cave, I looked at him giving him the please don’t look then his “eyes”
turned white, and in my mind I heard a voice saying you will if you keep this up turn back now then he jumped. wow I thought
STEVE? I shouted
yes? He replied
why didn’t you help?
A stone hit me
that was close I said
to close he replied a little angrily.
6 diamonds!
awesome.. he replied
what the?
what? I asked
my clocks crazy..
let me see, wow
lets go

day 4 over…………………………………………………………….